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Skilled Employees Needed? Fortis Has Them.

To best serve our students and graduates, Fortis strives to provide local employers with intern and extern candidates as well as job candidates who are equipped with the skills today's employers need from entry-level employees.

When your company finds itself in need for an intern or extern or is looking for a trained employee in one of the fields we teach, please first think of Fortis and call our Career Services Center.  Also, you can use our Employer Information Form below to see Fortis can help you find the right person for the job quickly, efficiently, and at no cost to you.

Students are encouraged to sit for professional certification examinations in their majors. Many interns, externs and graduates have certifications where applicable which enhance their value in the employment market.

At Fortis, our mission is to serve the needs of our local community and the needs of our graduates by working with employers to match their job opportunities to our students with the skills to fill the position.

If you have an opening in your company, one of our graduates likely has the skills you need! Our placement services are always free of charge to both employers and graduates.

Please complete the following information below and our placement office will contact you for complete job listing information. 

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